Thursday, October 14, 2010

Omonom To-Do Lists

Unfortunately, our team suffers from acute bursts of motivation. Either we're extremely motivated and excited and making little tiny fairy wings like it'll cure cancer, or we procrastinate. Obviously, these bursts are typically right before conventions. And they usually don't start until it's too late to meet our goals for any one convention.

There are also many tasks which are unnecessary for actual conventions, but highly necessary in the long run. These include paperwork, website updates, photographing new products, etc. And since our motivation is restricted to convention season, these tasks end up on our back burners until one of us finally feels guilty enough/motivated enough to make them happen. Fortunately, this system has actually managed to work moderately well for us without inflicting major damage so far.


  1. dear omonom,

    i love your products with all my heart but am concerned that you do not yet sell super mario patterned snuggies. what is the hold up i have been waiting for liek a year

    a concerned fan

  2. also you might consider investigating the promising new field of chain chomp mittens for the winter season. four out of three scientists agree that it's a winner

    best regards,

    a huge fan