Friday, July 30, 2010


We are OFF! Up up and AWAAAAAY!!!! Come visit us in Siberia, aka our fringe of the Artist Alley: BB11 and BB12. Look for a SIX FOOT SIGN with our name on it. And LUMAS. And FAIRIES.


Tuesday, July 27, 2010


So, uh, there was a tornado in Maryland? Two days ago? Yeah tornadoes don't happen here in Maryland. But neither do earthquakes. And one of those happened here 2 weeks ago. So this tornado took out our power on Sunday and we have been scrambling to set up operations in homes less affected by the storm. Pepco got our power back on today, but Comcast still hasn't fixed the internet. This post is being typed from my boyfriend's house. Gordon (my boyfriend, our own personal lint roller specialist, and part of our usual convention staff) luckily lives in one of the tiny areas that was unaffected (electricity-wise) by the storm.

Let us reflect, also, on Katsucon. A week prior Maryland received the merry gift of four feet of snow from mother nature. We also lost power then, just when we needed it most for luma and pillow sewing. Are we cursed? Doomed to forever experience natural disaster just before conventions? Yup. These calamities are definitely occurring merely to affect our business. Doesn't have anything to do with climate change or just plain luck.

Friday, July 23, 2010


We decided to take a break from the factory line and post some pictures of us in progress! Enjoy.


Luma army attacks!!

Pillow cases...


...equals PILLOWS!!!!

Guess what guess what! Otakon is LESS THAN A WEEK AWAY!!! :D

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Chugging along

One of the great things about our kind of work is that we can listen to or watch whatever we want while we work. We go through a lot of t.v. shows while we sew/glue/pin/paint/sculpt, and a lot of music. My personal favorite is listening to the Protomen while I sew. Nothing beats epic rock opera while being domestic.

Just in case we haven't already linked to them:

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Systems Powering On

Hello! How is everyone? Good, glad to hear it. Jen and I just finished a big step in our current move/renovation situation: Internet at the new place!

It is shiny and awesome, and the installer guy gave me an entire box of Coax cable. :D

Anyways. With that step out of the way, all systems are go for creating a copious cacophony of clever colorful companions (a buttload of bottled fairies). Lumas, I hear, will also enter a production phase unlike anything we have ever seen.

The jewelry/pillow machine (Danielle) was already in full gear last week or so.

Anybody ever listen to The OneUps? Videogame cover band with a jazz flavor. Very awesome. I would imagine the only way to make listening to them more awesome would be to at the same time wear our One Up earrings on the ears you are using for listening.

I am only imagining this because I do not wear earrings. For me, it doesn't get any better.

Sunday, July 11, 2010


Ok, we've definitely posted way too many posts on our various networking sites about Otakon. But we are so excited!!! Since Otakon 2009 was our first convention ever as a team, we will forever have a special place in our hearts for it. And now that we have sampled a great number of east coast conventions, (anime, gaming, you name it) we can truly appreciate just how awesome Otakon is. We've found other conventions to love, of course, but some just pale in comparison.

So! This year at Otakon we will have many exciting new designs, two whole tables to spread out in (sharing half of one with our awesomely awesome friend Judy of Hats by Judy), and maybe even those team t-shirts that were previously mentioned. There will be twice as many designs of earrings, newly designed necklaces, more luma color varieties than you can imagine, and even some new cool artsy steampunk designs from our Chairman of Lights! And, of course, much much more.

Be sure to stop by our tables, BB11 and BB12, in the Artist's Alley!
Otakon Artist Alley Map 2010