Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Systems Powering On

Hello! How is everyone? Good, glad to hear it. Jen and I just finished a big step in our current move/renovation situation: Internet at the new place!

It is shiny and awesome, and the installer guy gave me an entire box of Coax cable. :D

Anyways. With that step out of the way, all systems are go for creating a copious cacophony of clever colorful companions (a buttload of bottled fairies). Lumas, I hear, will also enter a production phase unlike anything we have ever seen.

The jewelry/pillow machine (Danielle) was already in full gear last week or so.

Anybody ever listen to The OneUps? Videogame cover band with a jazz flavor. Very awesome. I would imagine the only way to make listening to them more awesome would be to at the same time wear our One Up earrings on the ears you are using for listening.

I am only imagining this because I do not wear earrings. For me, it doesn't get any better.


  1. nice alliteration there :P

    and i am beyond full gear. i am in TURBO DRIVE.

  2. I wanna be in TurboDrive too :C