Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Happy Birthday to Everybody! (PRESENTS!!)

So, as you may know, we just went to our first repeat convention (Otakon), which in some ways makes Otakon weekend our birthday. What you may not know (or maybe you do) is that at our first convention, we were under a different name (Arigateau) with some friends. It wasn't until later that the three of us split off and coined the name Omonomopoeia. Our first convention under that name wasn't until September 19th. So with all this birth record confusion (are we even from America!?), we decided to just take an entire MONTH to celebrate our birthday!

And you know what comes with birthdays? PRESENTS! And who gets presents? YOU!! (Sweet.)

So for the entire month of September, anyone that orders something from us (whether it be from our website or from our Etsy) will get something extra thrown in. What kind of "something extra," you ask? It could be Omonom products, coupons/gift certificates, accessories, even never before seen items! Or in a pinch we may have to resort to sending candy (we have a lot of candy). Who knows! It'll be random, like a grab-bag. What I can tell you is that the greater the value of the order, the greater the value of the freebies!

So act fast! This celebration is on starting NOW, and ends September 30, 2010 at 11:59pm (EST).

Have a Happy Birthday!!!