Monday, November 29, 2010

Newly Renovated Website!!

We just finished revamping the site for Cyber Monday!! We are super excited about how pretty it is now. The old one was basically what we managed to scramble together, so we've been dying to update for quite a while. And not only did we prettify it, but we added some new products!!

- Necklaces
These have been on Etsy for a bit, but had yet to make it to the website. Now you can buy them from whichever site you'd prefer :D

- Custom Pillow Ordering!
Love our pillows but want a different color scheme than the ones we offer on Etsy? You can now request one however you like it! Also keep in mind that you can always email us with custom ideas; if we can make it, we will make it.

- The Koopa Shell!!!!!!
Long anticipated, it has been officially released online!! Available in red or green. Check it out in action on Youtube!

Check out these new products, and our beautifully remade site, at!