Thursday, October 14, 2010

Omonom To-Do Lists

Unfortunately, our team suffers from acute bursts of motivation. Either we're extremely motivated and excited and making little tiny fairy wings like it'll cure cancer, or we procrastinate. Obviously, these bursts are typically right before conventions. And they usually don't start until it's too late to meet our goals for any one convention.

There are also many tasks which are unnecessary for actual conventions, but highly necessary in the long run. These include paperwork, website updates, photographing new products, etc. And since our motivation is restricted to convention season, these tasks end up on our back burners until one of us finally feels guilty enough/motivated enough to make them happen. Fortunately, this system has actually managed to work moderately well for us without inflicting major damage so far.

Monday, October 11, 2010

New York Anime Festival/Comic Con

Was awesome!!! Saturday and Sunday were super crazy and there were moments at which we desperately needed all four of our team members behind the table to field questions and help sell. And we only had a single table! I unfortunately did not have any time to take pictures but I think Jen or Gordon may have managed to. They'll be here or on Facebook soon :D

Some highlights:
Our first Comic Con!! We have previously only been to anime or gaming conventions, so it was interesting to see how a comic con works! There were many more famous people, official movie trailer releases, big name corporate sponsors, and attendees!! The combination with an anime festival also added an interesting dimension. The con planners lumped exhibitors for both conventions into one HUGE room, but kept the two artist alleys separate.
Children in costume. There are always many awesome parents that clothe their children in awesomely adorable costumes at every con, but this won the prize for having the highest volume of cute! We saw several family group cosplays and tiny babies in costume! The convention also allowed children under 12 to attend Sunday for free.
Again, repeat customers. We are still getting used to this phenomenon!! Now that we have been around for a year, people keep telling us they've seen us before or come to the table wearing our products. It is amazing! We love seeing our products in action.

The only problems we had with the convention were slight. The Anime Artist Alley was in a kind of hard to find location, but people seemed to figure out where it was by the end of the weekend. And the Javits Center is on the very edge of Manhattan, so there are not many places close to the convention center to get food, but there is a food court (slightly overpriced) within the center to provide for this. Overall we loved the convention, loved the combination with NY Comic Con, and hope they decide to combine again next year!!