Thursday, October 29, 2009


Ok, yeah, we're too excited. But our site is finally open to the public!!! Now all we need is a big red ribbon and giant scissors. Please come check it out here, and maybe even order something!!

It's still just a baby, so please forgive it if it misbehaves. Let us know at and we'll chide it. Also, most of our products are already up, but the rest will appear as they become available. We'll post updates here and on our other pages.

Monday, October 19, 2009


We will officially be at Gamex this coming weekend! Yes, we know, it's another convention in Philadelphia. Yes, we know, it's in the same convention center as Game Core. We can't stay away! We're excited for the con's high estimated attendance and high profile. Each convention we go to is very different; can't wait to find out what this one is like!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

VGXPO - A Story of Star-Crossed Gamers

If you haven't heard yet our reactions to VGXPO, I won't repeat myself. I've vented my frustrations and have cooled down. I don't want to come across like we have any issue with Philadelphia, most of the conventions there, and certainly not with the people who attend these conventions. In fact, Paul Truitt (founder of Game Core) and his wife have been incredibly helpful and supportive as we kick-off our little business. And some of our most devoted and loving fans have come from Philly.

So don't worry, 2.35 people that are reading this. The misleadings of one man and disrespect of another have not soiled our entire perception of Philadelphia. Who knows, maybe we'll even try again there soon (very soon)...