Friday, May 7, 2010

The Protomen are an awesome band

So I went to see the Protomen this week. They are an incredible band to see live. Anyone who is a fan of Megaman and epicness should check them out, and see them live if possible.

Here at the Omonom headquarters, things are going well. I will have a new product to unveil soon, we've had some friends playtest it and it has gotten very positive reactions. Since the prototype is pretty beat up now, I'll make a new one, hopefully the final version, and post some pictures up here.

A couple weeks ago we went to a anime and gaming convention called T-MODE. It was in Alexandria (fairly local for us) and it was pretty fun. It's not a big con, focusing on a more intimate kind of experience. It was a fun place to meet people and hang out, so anyone looking for a more casual gaming and anime con experience would have a lot of fun there.

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